Youtube film about project "The Portrait of a Disabled Man from the 16th century"

August 30, 2013
Source: Global Program on Disability and Development

From: Frank Hall-Bentick

Dear all,

For your information: There is a documentary about the participatory project “The Portrait of a Disabled Man from the 16th century - Gazes at the history of people with disabilities” on youtube.

Running time: 45 min, release date: 2008, with visual description and audio description

Content: A painting from the 16th century that has not yet been taken notice of is the starting point of an extraordinary project. Gazes at women and men with disabilities from the early modern times up until today – how can they be interpreted scientifically and artistically? How can women and men with disabilities contribute their knowledge to this today?


The documentary is a product of a participatory action research project. Project partners: “Independent Living Innsbruck/Austria “, “Institute of Educational Sciences, University of Innsbruck” and “Collection Ambras Castle, Innsbruck, Museum of Art History, Vienna”.

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