TIME Magazine & The Bob Woodruff Foundation Cite Wounded Warrior Careers as Model for Injured Vets

April 26, 2013
Source: National Organization on Disability

In an op-ed on Time Magazine's website, Anne Marie Dougherty, Executive Director of the Bob Woodruff Foundation, cites NOD's Wounded Warrior Careers program as a model to help even the most severely injured veterans build civilian careers. 

Dougherty calls employers to action to integrate the veterans with disabilities into today's workforce, noting that their injuries need not be a barrier to work:

"...there is proof that even for those with life-altering injuries, employment is not only possible, but probable. Programs like the National Organization on Disability's Wounded Warrior Careers initiative are helping veterans with serious disabilities achieve meaningful, rewarding and sustainable careers in the civilian sector. 

Of the 275 transitioning veterans this program serves, 70% are employed, or receiving education and training to get there. We must adopt models like this to keep our injured heroes productively engaged in the workforce where their talents and ideas can not only shine, but fuel our economy." 

Time.com receives over 8.8 million unique visitors each month. This represents extraordinary visibility for a program that NOD could never have mounted without your support and confidence. 

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