RI August Newsletter

September 12, 2011
Source: Rehabilitation International

Welcome to the 8th International Abilympics Seoul 2011
The International Abilympics is the skills contests for the persons with disabilities.  It was held to celebrate the "The United Nations' International Year of Disabled Persons" in 1981 in order to improve their functional abilities and to increase their rate of employment.  This year of 2011, the 8th IA Seoul 2011 will be held in Korea from September 25 to 30, organized by IA Seoul 2011 Organizing Committee.




01. Transportation


02. Skills Contest Schedule by Programs


03. Exciting Work Experience Opportunity!


04. International Symposium


05. Ceremony for Volunteer Work


06. The KBS Open Concert


07. The Streets of Korea




The Organizing Committee of International Abilympics Seoul 2011 will operate the shuttle bus service to provide convenience for the movement of delegations, officials, and visitors.


The operating dates of transportation service are expected to be from September 23rd to October 1st and the operating hours are expected to be from 7:00 am to 21:00 pm.


  • Airport to hotel: September 23rd-25th
  • Hotels to Airport: September 30th-October 1st
  • Shuttle bus: September 25th-30th


The vehicles used for the transportation will be low floor busses and special-purpose vehicles with wheelchair lift, which will be operated for free. 


The route of the Shuttle bus: Transportation for entry and departuew (Airport to and from hotels), Hotels to and from skills contest venue and other event venues.


For the users' convenience, there will be multiple courses for the shuttle buses for the shuttle buses to skills contest venue based on locations. 


Especially during the skills contest for September 27th-29th, the vehicles will be provided for each hotel in order to help contestants to participate in the skills contests with ease.


Also, the vehicles for the tour will be operated from September 27th-29th.  It is recommended to pre-register for the tour in advance.


Since the Organizing Committee will provide shuttle buses for delegations, participants, and officials of IA Seoul 2011, private use at a specific time and place by certain delegation will not be involved.




  • Please refer to our official website for more details of Skills Contest


When we were young, we might have had tons of dreams.  There might be people who have a job which they dreamed of when they were young and there might be people who have a different job from what they dreamed of.  At the Work Experiences which is one of the IA Seoul 2011 events, you can indirectly expereince new jobs which you have never experienced before.

Also, the Work Experiences provide a variety of information about careers for youth who will lead the future and for general people.  From the expereicne, it will help to form the right perspective on occupation and provide a new opportunity to suggest a new dream and vision.

The Organizing Committee of IA Seoul 2011 is planning to operate the Work Experiences by Exhibition Hall with 4 themes which are Food (Barista and Cake Decoration), Craft (Balloon Art, Floral Arrangement, Pottery Decoration and Han-ji-Korean Traditional Paper), Broadcasting & Entertainment (News Anchor, Weather Caster, Radio DJ and Camera Operator) and Entertainment (Heavy Equipment Simulator-Excavators, Aircraft and Car).

The parents who are interested in the future of their children are also invited as well as other participants.  It would be a meaningful moment by giving people a realistic chance to expereince various jobs and have fun at the same.


 For More, please visit http://www.ia2011.org/