Letter from Shoji Nakanishi, Director of Relief Headquarters Earthquake

March 17, 2011

17 March 2011

Dear friends,

On behalf of my colleagues, I sincerely appreciate messages of concern and sympathy from all over the world.

On March 11, massive earthquake hit east-northern part of Japan.  The earthquake recorded unhistorical scale - Magnitude 9.0 - and caused tens of thousands of causalities.  Hundreds of persons with disabilities are highly suffered from this disaster. 

DPOs in Japan immediately set up an emergent disaster relief headquarters at Japan Council on Independent Living Centers (JIL) and appointed me as director.  The headquarters started operation on March 15 in collaborations with DPI-Japan and various groups of persons with disabilities of all over Japan.


Director: Shoji Nakanishi (Japan Council on Independent Living Centers)
Deputy Director
:  Ichiji Makiguchi (Yumekaze Foundation)

  • DPI-Japan – Satoru Misawa, Akiyoshi Yamada, Koji Onoue, Yukihiro Okuyama, Takushi Yatsuyanagi
  • Japan Council on Independent Living Centers –Suzuko Nagai, Kozo Hirashita, Shoji Nakanishi, Satoshi Sato
  • Tokyo Council on Independent Living Centers – Toshihiko Noguchi, Akihisa Yokoyama, Noboru Imamura
  • Yumekaze Foundation – Ichiji Makiguchi, Toshio Kusunoki
  • National United Association for Fighting Against Discrimination – Sakuji Matsuba
  • local organizations:  Toru Edo (AJU Center for Independent Living), Shunji Kamata (Mainstream Association)
  • Inclusive Education Promotion Network for ratification of CRPD – Sayo Kitamura, Keiko Aomi, Shigeru Tokuda

In disaster plagued areas, serious shortage of fuel and electricity is a big problem.  Personal assistants cannot reach to users' home.  Respirator users have difficulty in obtaining electric power. Even if they have generators, it is difficult to use portable generator due to lack of fuel.  Shortage of food is also serious.

Currently, we have many offers from friends with disabilities from all over the world.  The disaster relief headquarters will open bank account by March 22 to receive credit card donation.  Then the headquarters will immediately send notice on the account.  We also highly appreciate if our friends open the account to receive donation in your own region or country for us.

Attached please find the petition made by Japan Disability Forum.

Sincerely yours, 

Shoji Nakanishi

Relief Headquarters for Persons with Disabilities of Tohoku-Kanto Great Earthquake