DPI-Japan Chairperson Satoru Misawa Passes

September 30, 2013

We would like to pass on a sad news today.
DPI-Japan chairperson, Satoru Misawa passed away on September 30, aged 71.
We express a deepest gratitude to you for your friendship and constant
cooperation with him and DPI-Japan during his lifetime.

Please be informed that funeral will take place only by family and relatives
of his, following their wish. Condolence message will be accepted at
DPI-Japan office by Friday noon (Japan time).
Please contact office_en@dpi-japan.org.

DPI-Japan and other disability organizations will organize a memorial
ceremony. Details will be announced later.

After survived a serious illness in 2010, he has been back to the activities
and even participated Incheon Conference in October 2012.
However, his health broke down around this September and he has been in

His long journey was indeed the history of the disability movement of Japan.
We think over again the role he has played and the heavy load he has carried
on his back. He confirmed the establishment of the Act to Eliminate
Disability against PWDs in this June, which was the goal of the disability
policy reform since 2009. It is regrettable that he couldn't seeCRPD
ratification of Japan.

New management system of DPI-Japan will be let you know as as soon as it is


Koji Onoue
Secretary-General of DPI-Japan
Yukiko Nakanishi
Chairperson, International Committee