Canadian Ambassador to Peru, Patricia Fortier, Lived a day full of joy along with students and parents of the Ann Sullivan Center of Peru (CASP)

July 16, 2013
Source: Centro Ann Sullivan del Peru

This Tuesday, July 16, the Ann Sullivan of Peru (CASP in Spanish) received a visit from the Canadian Ambassador to Peru, Patricia Fortier. The visit is a recognition of both the 34 years of work the Ann Sullivan Center of Peru (CASP) has dedicated to the education of people with different abilities and the great friendship that has united Canada and CASP for 24 years.

“It is really an honor and a privilege to be able to give a little bit of ourselves to this great institution, an institution that really is an inspiration for the whole world, because here there is love, support and hope,” the Canadian ambassador said. I can see it in the faces of the teachers, the parents and, most importantly, the children.”

During the visit, Ambassador Patricia Fortier donated computer equipment on behalf of the Canadian Embassy in Peru. This donation can benefit all students of CASP, who will learn how to operate a computer and will have access to new sources of knowledge.

“We live in a world filled with technology,” said Dr. Liliana Mayo, Founder and Director of CASP, moments before the donation was bestowed. “Our students work with it, and they need to learn how to manage it, and for this reason, the donation is very important. We needed this equipment so that our students can learn new programs before entering the workforce and so that those who are already working can practice the new needs requested by their workplaces. We are happy for this visit. It is a day of celebration for us.”

In addition, during her visit to CASP, the ambassador could observe the work done with families in the classrooms, the job training performed in the laundry service of CASP “La Solución” and the Distance Education program, which began thanks to a special connection to Canada through the funding received from the Rotary Club of Sudbury (Ontario, Canada) and from the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives - CFLI. Since 2008, this innovative project has trained over 25,000 parents and professionals in our country and 14 others in Latin America and Europe, providing monthly training to make a difference in the lives of people with different abilities and their families.

Ann Sullivan Center of Peru (CASP)

CASP was founded in 1979 and today assists more than 450 students, 100 of which are employed in real world jobs, and another 70 are included in regular schools. The center is recognized worldwide for its contributions as a model center of training, demonstration and research for people with different abilities (those with autism, mental retardation, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy) and their families. Likewise, it is important to point out that the government of Panama has borrowed from the Peruvian model to found the Ann Sullivan Center of Panama (CASPAN).


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A woman in a pansuit with a red jacket leans over to peak over the shouldre of a gentleman in a track suit as he uses a computer


The Canadian ambassador, Patricia Fortier, watches a student working in the computer lab at CASP




 group of people stand and smile towards the camera



Dr. Liliana Mayo stands with the Canadian ambassador, Patricia Fortier, and the Canadian delegation, accompanied by three students from CASP.