Announcing the book, “Choosing a Career in International Development: A Guide to the Professions of International Development” by Donovan Russell

April 25, 2014
Source: Book Site

Written for students and others who are considering career choices or change, and for professionals who teach or advise students, the book gives down to earth information and advice and is an intriguing look at the field from top to bottom. It addresses needs, issues, models, policies, and practices. It speaks to cultures, sensitivities, host countries and institutions.


The book explores job search strategies and discusses what development personnel do in various positions and fields. It lists funding organizations and implementing agencies. The book discusses development management, approaches, useful skills, and opportunities.


The presentation makes use of factual information, true stories and task exercises. It discusses real life conditions and challenges and the views of host peoples. To see professional endorsements, the table of contents, foreword, introduction, personal statement, and sample chapters, please go to and type in “Choosing a Career in International Development”. Or you may go to a site completely dedicated to the book. It is


The book is 231 pages with 14 chapters on various sectors and issues in International Development. It has both soft cover and ebook editions. After managing development programs in the US and Canada, the author worked for more than three decades in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Thank you for perusing the websites and for sharing this announcement if you so decide.