US announces 2010 UPR Implementation Plan

March 28, 2012

We learned on Friday that the United States government has just released its plan for implementation of the 2010 UPR Recommendations that it accepted.  More information can be found on the State Department’s website at:  The core aspect of this has been the Administration’s establishment of working groups around the following thematic areas:


• Civil Rights and Racial and Ethnic Discrimination
• Criminal Justice Issues
• Indigenous Issues
• National Security
• Immigration
• Labor and Trafficking
• Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights and Measures
• The Environment
• Domestic Implementation of Human Rights
• Treaties and International Human Rights Mechanisms


The website provides the full list of UPR Recommendations accepted by the United States (broken down into the above categories), as well as the lead agencies and contact individuals appointed to chair each of the government’s working groups.  The publication of the inter-agency working group(s) and points of contact is something the USHRN UPR Coordinating Committee and many of you have sought for some time, and is a welcome development. 


We look forward to seeing how the development of the working groups translates into action and look forward to working with you as we continue to share information and coordinate in our advocacy efforts as we move into this next phase of implementation.




Sarah H. Paoletti

Practice Associate Professor

Director, Transnational Legal Clinic

University of Pennsylvania School of Law