Japan Update: New Map Shows Relief Center Locations

April 15, 2011

USICD has now created a new google map that shows the locations of relief centers and headquarter offices in Japan that are working to serve people with disabilities affected by the March earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant breakdown. 

The Relief Headauarters for Persons with Disabilities of Tohoku-Kanto Great Earthquake has two headquarter offices. One is in Tokyo, the other is in Osaka.  Further north in Japan, there are two relief centers and a third that is being planned.  The two existing relief centers are north in Fukishima and in Sendai City, Miyagi, Japan.  Another relief center is currently being planned for Iwate, which is further north.  The map is available at http//bit.ly/ewDd4p.  It will be updated as needed when more information becomes available.

This map is also shown at the blog site run by Relief Headquarters at http://dpi.cocolog-nifty.com/en/.