Japan Updates -- April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011

The MySinchew on-line news publication reports that people with disabilities are struggling to get their needs met following the March earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant breakdown in northeast Japan.  One deaf woman did not know there had been a tsunami warning until she was caught by rising water.  Despite some assistance from follow survivors, she continues to experience difficulties obtaining information available to other survivors at the shelter where she is staying.  Another man at the shelter who has paralysis usually receives assistance from a professional carer, but since the earthquake he has been receiving this care from his wife.  Many professional carers either were killed in the disaster or have evacuated the northeast region of Japan.  Read more details at http://www.mysinchew.com/node/55868

Nagase Osamu, a member of Inclusion International's Council who works with Inclusion Japan, served as a volunteer at the Miyagi relief center for persons with disabilities last week.  He joined a delegation in visiting service centers and evacuation shelters to assess damage and identify the current needs of people with disabilities affected by the March earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant breakdown.  Read his report at the Inclusion International website at http://www.inclusion-international.org/2011/04/11/ii-council-member-nagase-osamu-reports-on-situation-in-japan/

According to local observer Nakanishi Yukiko, the Fukushimo Association of the Deaf has received a donation from the Nippon Foundation. All 670 of its members are reportedly safe, though many have lost their families and homes.  For more tweets about local conditions in Japan, read Yukiko's tweets at http://twitter.com/#!/yuki_adi

Information about the Disaster Relief Headquarters for Persons with Disabilities of Tohoku-Kanto Great Earthquake, and how people can assist them, is availalbe in the following languages: English, Korea, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Arabic, French, Turkish, and Chinese.  Visit their website to download information in the desired language at http://dpi.cocolog-nifty.com/en/.  This website also has instructions for making donations via bank transfer.

People can make credit card donations to the Relief Headquarters via DPI-Japan at http://www.j-payment.co.jp/lan/bokin/dpien.html?1

USICD also will be raising funds at its Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, this April 29, 2011.  Donations to USICD that mention Japan in the "memo" line will be bundled for 100% redistribution to the Japanese disaster relief effort for people with disabilities.  People may contact Andrea Shettle with questions.