NGO Conference Call Announcement

February 1, 2010

NGO Conference Call Announcement

As you know, USAID is leading a whole-of-government response to assist the Government of Haiti in the wake of last week’s devastating earthquake. The US Government is conducting operations in support of the Haitian Government, in coordination with and in support of the United Nations and the international community.  We are leading efforts to provide immediate, lifesaving and life sustaining relief and to build a foundation for a more stable, resilient and prosperous Haiti.

Upcoming Conference Call Schedule:

February 1:                Persons with Disabilities: Response and Recovery Efforts

February 3:                  NGO Perspective

February 5:                  24 Day Review

All calls will take place at 4 pm EST for 30 minutes.  The telephone numbers below will stay the same.  The conference call ID number will change.  We will send updated information for each call.

February 1 Conference Call Details

The USAID team working to coordinate NGO activities in Haiti will be holding a 30-minute conference call Monday, February 1, 2010, at 4 pm EST.  During this call, we will hear from Rob Horvath who has been involved in disability and rehabilitation at USAID for the past 17 years under the Congressionally-directed War Victims Fund, Wheelchair Fund, and Disability Fund.  He is a member of the Agency Disability Team and works out of the Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance Bureau.  Mr. Horvath will discuss USAID’s efforts to ensure that issues of inclusion and access are being reached throughout all relief and rebuilding efforts; and what NGOs should know related to these matters.

Due to expected call volume, please call in early to allow time to be connected to the call.

International #:  (816) 650-7866

Domestic #:  (866) 306-0035

Conference ID:  53585765

This call will be captioned to provide access to all participants, including participants who are deaf or hard of hearing. At the start time of the event, please login to the event by clicking on the link below: or go to: and enter the event confirmation number 1492271.

Information shared on this call will be summarized in an email sent out at a later point for those who were unable to join today’s call.  Please forward this email to others in your network and have them with Add Me in the subject line if they would like to receive the updates.