RI Applauds Ethiopia, Lithuania, Malayasia for Ratifying Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)

August 26, 2010


 Ethiopia, Lithuania, and Malaysia Ratify Landmark UN Treaty on Disability Rights

RI Encourages Further Ratification and Steps for Comprehensive Implementation

August 26, 2010: Rehabilitation International (RI) applauds the Governments of Ethiopia, Lithuania, and Malaysia for ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).  In addition, RI congratulates Fiji and Grenada for signing the Treaty as well as Lithuania and Honduras for ratifying the Optional Protocol.

“These ratifications signal to the world that the rights of persons with disabilities can no longer be ignored. Progress is being made, and these nations have illustrated their commitment to upholding disability rights” said RI President Anne Hawker. “Now, state parties and the disability community must work together to ensure that this commitment translates into comprehensive and effective implementation in order that persons with disabilities enjoy the same rights as everyone else -  by being able to attend school, have a job, and live and contribute to society as a valued citizen.

As part of its Global Advocacy Campaign, RI urges all countries to ratify the CRPD and its Optional Protocol as soon as possible and without reservations, understandings or declarations. RI is proactively advocating for implementation of the CRPD worldwide.

The CRPD was open for signature on March 30, 2007 and to date, 146 countries have signed the Convention, 89 have signed the Optional Protocol, 90 states have ratified the treaty and 56 have ratified the Protocol. The CRPD is the first human rights treaty of the 21st century and prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities in all areas of life, and includes specific provisions related to rehabilitation, habilitation, education, employment, health and access to information, public facilities and services. The Optional Protocol concerns how individuals or groups can seek redress for violations of the CRPD once national remedies are exhausted. 


For more information on the UN Convention and contact details of experts within the RI membership, please contact Megan Brinster (megan@riglobal.org), Development and Program Officer, at +1-212-420-1500. For a current list of all signatories and states parties to the CRPD and Optional Protocol please visit www.un.org/disabilities or for more information on the treaty event, please visit http://treaties.un.org referencing Chapters IV-15 and IV-15.a.


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